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2 KM

Praça do Comércio

The Praça do Comércio, formerly Terreiro do Paço, is a square in the Baixa de Lisboa located along the Tagus River, in the area that was the site of the palace of the Kings of Portugal for about two centuries and is now partially occupied by some government departments. It is one of the largest squares in Europe, with about 36,000 m² (180m x 200m). It is considered a historical symbol of the political power and manifestation of the capital in Portugal. This symbology is generally associated with state centralism. In 1511, King D. Manuel I transferred his residence from the Castelo de São Jorge to this place by the river. The Paço da Ribeira, as well as its library of 70,000 volumes, were destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. In the reconstruction, coordinated by Eugénio dos Santos, the square became the fundamental element of the plan of the Marquês de Pombal.

Castelo de São Jorge

Open to the public seven days a week, Castelo de São Jorge is now a place where you can enjoy the heritage and get to know its history. Let yourself be enchanted by the many cultural and recreational activities that this remarkable Lisbon monument has for you.


3 KM


14 KM

Torre de Belém


The Torre de Belém is located in the parish of Belém , in Lisbon, Portugal. On the right bank of the river Tagus, where Belém beach once existed, the Torre de Belém was originally surrounded by water. Over the centuries it was surrounded by the beach, but it currently sits by the river. One of the ex libris of the city, the monument is an icon of the architecture of the reign of D. Manuel I, in a fusion between the traditional medieval tower and the modern bulwark, where artillery pieces were a common theme. Classified as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 1983, it was elected as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal on July 7, 2007. In 2015 it was visited by 608 thousand tourists.



Cascais is a Portuguese village, which is part of the district and the metropolitan area of Lisbon. In 2016, it totaled 210 889 inhabitants distributed in an area of 97,4 km². The municipality of Cascais is subdivided into four parishes (Alcabideche, Carcavelos and Parede, Cascais and Estoril, and São Domingos de Rana).


Despite its status as a village, it has a population that surpasses the cities of Seixal, Alverca, Póvoa, Loures, Sacavém, Vila Franca de Xira and Costa da Caparica, being the fourth most populous town in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. The municipality of Cascais has several, very diverse beaches, which belong to the area known as Costa do Estoril.


35 KM


28 KM



Sintra is a Portuguese village in the district and metropolitan area of Lisbon, integrating its northern part (Greater Lisbon).


The town of Sintra is notable for the presence of its romantic architecture, which resulted in its classification as Cultural Landscape of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The village has refused being elevated to the category of city, despite it being the second most populous municipality in Portugal.

Parque das Nações


Parque das Nações is a requalified zone along the Tagus River. Green parks with public art serve as a link between impressive contemporary buildings such as the Camões Theater and the great Lisbon Oceanarium.


Nearby, modern riverside restaurants and the Vasco da Gama Center, with glass roof, with shops and cinemas.


Children's shows attract families to the Pavilion of Knowledge, while the Telecabine Lisbon cable car offers stunning views.


There is also the Casino de Lisboa.


6 KM




You can take the metro from the Alameda station, 2 steps from our Local Accommodation, there is a metro entrance literally at the entrance gate of the Luminous Fountain.





Areeiro - 705, 708, 717, 720, 722, 735, 756


Alameda - 708, 717, 720, 735



You can easily catch a taxi in one of the busiest areas of the Portuguese capital. In any case, you can ask for a card at reception or have the telephone number: 217932756

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